Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative pharmacy approaches to best serve our hospice community.






Care-Rx (Hospice PBM): Hospice Industry’s Trusted Pharmacy Advisor & Leader in Pharmaceutical Cost-Containment

We know that no two hospices are the same, and pride ourselves in our flexibility to customize PBM services (i.e. contract negotiations, pricing models including fee-for-service, per diem, analytical reporting, etc.) and to provide favorable contractual pricing and terms for local pharmacy dispensing.

Care-Rx works with independent pharmacies all over California and neighboring states, and has developed an extensive network of community pharmacies with established reputations to better serve hospices and the special needs of their patients.

If you prefer or request for a specific dispensing pharmacy, our team is open to collaborate with willing pharmacies. Regardless of the pharmacy chosen, our experienced team provides the needed clinical and cost oversight.

Home Care-Rx (Hospice Pharmacy): Pharmacy Services & Clinical Support Around-the-Clock

Home Care-Rx’s pharmacy services and pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because we understand that critical hospice needs may arise outside of “normal” business hours. With Care-Rx Health as a partner, you will have access to patient-first services and our wide network of pharmacies at any time.

Our pharmacists are available to provide immediate and thorough consultations and answers to any medication therapy questions. All have extensive training and knowledge in pain management and other hospice care medications.

As your advocate, our pharmacy team will assist in lowering costs by immediately intervening when non-formulary or high-cost items are ordered upon admission and on a regular basis.